Zhaba Jazz Bar

Zhaba Russian Jazz Bar Chaloklum Koh Phangan Thailand

Zhaba Jazz Bar is the newest addition to the Chaloklum nightlife and bar scene. Located in a beautifully refurbished traditional wooden seaside shop house on the Chaloklum main road, the bar’s interior is decorated in refinished wood with soft lighting and posters of old jazz shows and performances past.

As the name suggests the vibe is Jazz, with a wide selection of mixed drinks, beers and a basic food menu.

Owned an operated by a small community of Russian settlers to Koh Phangan, Zhaba adds to the increasingly international feel of the village. The menu consists of Russian comfort foods and basic Thai fare.

A lovely sandy seaside patio and regularly cleaned beachfront make Zhaba a good place to swim by day or watch the sunset by evening.

Check out Zhaba Jazz Bar’s Facebook page.

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