World’s End By Night — Beers and Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mina, Bloody Mary's dirty sister -- Only at the Worlds End Chaloklum Koh Phangan

Chaloklum's newest tourist attraction, the Bloody Mina, Bloody Mary's dirty sister -- Not your garden variety Bloody Mary, made with thai radish, wasabi and Jim's Secret Sauce. Available only at the World's End evenings.

Adding yet another nighttime venue to the list, The World’s End, at Chaloklum Pier in the village center, has started opening evenings with  a stripped down menu consisting of music, beers Bloody Marys, and mixed premium spirits all served by DiveInn Jim, Chaloklum’s jolliest lad about town.

While the World’s End has been serving Chaloklum’s best breakfast, and what is likely Koh Phangan’s best Eggs Benedict,  for some time, evening openings are a new twist. Jim doesn’t do food, but he has stocked up on quality spirits  and does what, beyond Jenni’s, may be the coldest beer in the village — served straight from the ice chest.

Despite the absence of food, Jim has added his own gourmet twist to the  menu — Bloodies. After much tweaking, Jim has come up with the Bloody Mary and the Bloody Mina, his own twist on the ultimate hangover beverage. In addition to the traditional ingredients, Celery Salt, Old Bay Seasoning, Fresh Horseradish and even Wasabi  are on offer. If you ask nicely, your drink may even come with a grilled prawn as garnish alongside the celery stalk and lime wedge.

The music played is all straight from Jim’s laptop. Alternative, Garage, Punk and , basically, whatever the bartender is in the mood to hear with the playlist changing nightly rather than annually.

If you are looking for a laugh, something remarkably informal and a little bit different, the World’s end after 6pm may be for you.

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