Seven Eleven in Chaloklum Village Koh Phangan Thailand

They say no place is complete until it has a Seven Eleven, and by these standards, Chaloklum clearly has it all, playing host to one of Koh Phangan’s fourteen examples of the globally ubiquitous convenience store.

The Seven Eleven in Chaloklum is located at the junction of the main road from Thongsala and the ring road, which heads down the coast towards Mae Haad, Haad Salad and eventully heads back down the Phangan Coast towards Thongsala via Haad Chao Prao, Haad Yao,  Sri Thanu and Wok Tum, though not necessarily in that order.

The unofficial second village center, Seven Eleven is always surrounded by vendors and their customers. Crepes, Thai Sausages, Satays and any number of different foods can be purchased just outside depending on the time of day. Just across the road from the shop is a basic Thai food stall that does noodles and other fried Thai Standards. It is conveniently located across the street from the villages well stocked local pharmacy and DVD rental shops.

At any time of the day or night, there is usually someone sitting out front watching traffic go by, more often then not with a large bottle of beer Chang in their hand.

Perhaps for this reason, the village council has opted to keep  Seven Eleven at arms disance just outside the Chaloklum  Village main road. It is conveniently the last thing you see leaving the and the first thing you see entering it. By keeping it on the outskirts, it allows the mom and pop shops along the village road to continue  selling the basics, while providing locals and villagers alike access to more speialised items, cheap processed food, phone cards and cold beer around he clock.  Basic toiletries and household items are also available, though the selection is limited. It also stocks spirits, tobacco, an even a couple varieties of red and white wine.

Seven Eleven also boasts an attached ATM, or Automated Teller Machine for cash top ups. It is one of three ATM’s in the village.

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