Nopporn Pharmacy, Medical Care and First Aid

Nopporn Pharmacy Chaloklum Koh Phangan Thailand

The Nopporn Pharmacy in Chaloklum Fishing Village is an excellent chemists that keeps everything from antibiotic ointments to asthma inhalers and all sorts of things in between on hand. If they do not stock it, they can order it and it will generally be available the next day for pickup.

The pharmacy is located at the main junction where the Thongsala road meets the Koh Phangan ring road that travels back along the coast towards Thongsala. It is directly across the road from Chaloklum’s sole Seven Eleven. The village DVD rental shop adjoins the pharmacy through a small door along the sing of the building, though it also has a door that opens to the main street.

Nopporn Pharmacy is part of a chain of pharmacies on Koh Phangan and due to its larger distribution manages to stock a good variety of medications, toiletries and sun creams and sun burn remedies. It also has a good selection of first aid supplies for the inevitable mosquito and insect bites and the all too common afflictions caused by falling off your motorcycle. While the general stock is fresh, be sure to check the expiry dates on all medications, especially sun care products.

Prices will be higher than in the main town, but convenience always has a cost.

While the Pharmacy does not administer first aid, just down from the pharmacy on the main road into the village is a small nursing clinic that offers competent and cost effective first aid. The village does not have a doctor, but Koh Phangan’s main hospital is located about 15 minutes up the road towards Thongsala.

Koh Phangan also has a number of more full serviced medical clinics in Thongsala and Baan Tai and Haadrin. If for some reason evacuation is needed, the Bangkok Samui Hospital Clinic in Baan Tai can arrange transport to Koh Samui. Bangkok Samui Hospital is an international class sister Hospital to the much larger Bangkok Hospital which is a full service tertiary care facility.

Bangkok Samui honours internationl and Thai health insurance.

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