Nong Nook Seafood

Nong Nook Seafood Chaloklum Koh Phangan Thailand

Nong Nook Seafood is a mainstay of the Chaloklum Village seafood restaurants and has had almost as many locations as there are different kinds of seafood in the village. Typical of Chaloklum, it is a family run concern and everyone gets involved.

Nong Nook’s current location bridges the main road with the owners sleeping quarters and kitchen in a large shop house on one side of the village road and the bar, restaurant, and sea-side patio in a smaller building on the other.

For seafood lovers trying Nong Nook is must, especially the village specialty, freshly caught local squid. The barbecued fish is also excellent, grilled with their own barbeque sauce and accompanied with naam jim, a Thai dipping sauce used with all seafood made of chilies, garlic, lemon juice, fish sauce and a touch of sugar.

If seafood is not your thing, Nong Nook  serves excellent Thai food, fruit shakes and basic drinks.

The restaurants prices have been increasing lately, but Nong Nook still provides good value for money.

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