Malibu Beach, Chaloklum

Malibu Beach Ckaloklum Bay Koh Phangan Thailand

Malibu Beach is located on a sand spit at the southern end of Chaloklum Bay, Koh Phangan, between the bay itself and a small river that winds through the village. It sits directly in front of Malibu Beach Bungalows, the upscale Thai family-owned bungalow operation that gives the beach its name.

To get to Mailbu beach and restaurant, you must pass through the bungalow operation and cross a small concrete bridge at the mouth of the river, but it is well worth the effort.

With its soft white sand and shallow waters Malibu Beach is an ideal beach in Chaloklum for families and adult travelers alike. For families, the shallow waters are excellent for children to go swimming and play in the sand.

For the rest of us, the beach itself is beautiful, with plenty of shade trees for those who love to hang out, but don’t want to fry. The trees also offer some privacy and it is always possible to find a quiet place to yourself.

It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chaloklum, and even Koh Phangan, and it definitely has the nicest sand around.

Its charming covered traditional Thai thatched roof bar and restaurant is perfect for hanging out, enjoying a cool drink and watching the bay. Washroom facilities and a fresh water shower to hose yourself down after a swim are also provided.

Though the ocean is generally very tame year round, during the monsoon, when conditions get a little hairy, Malibu becomes a mecca for kite surfers who play in the big surf generated by the winds and the shallow reef of shore.

The restaurant also has some basic beach toys and footballs if you feel the need to get active.

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