Crow Bar Village and Bar

Crow Bar in the Jungle Chaloklum Koh Phangan

The Crow Bar is hidden in the jungle outside the main Chaloklum village  along  a winding and rutted dirt track . With a loyal local following, the bar offers sanctuary and a change of scenery from the village main road.

Built on a wooden platform, Crow bar is like a cozy village local pub in the middle of a coconut plantation, surrounded by lush greenery, potted plants and a pond with a tiny resident turtle. While it may not be the coolest bar on Koh Phangan as their Facebook page claims, it certainly one of the most laid back and well worth a visit. Cheap beers, mixed drinks and a weekly sushi night make the Crow Bar popular with local Thais and long-term residents alike.

With a firm foothold in both the foreign and local Thai communities, owners Kris and A host frequent parties for all occasions. There is always something going on at Crow Bar.

There are also bungalows available for those who are not up to the daily commute into the village proper. Watch out for the alligator in the pool though.

Check their Facebook group for blurry photos and evidence of many a good evening.

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