ATMs and Cash Machines

ATM's in Chaloklum Koh Phangan Thailand

No holiday can be a success without access to your cash, and Chaloklum provides 3 ATMs or Cash Machines to make sure you always have some money on hand. Generally speaking, with three ways to access your money, at least one of them should work. If all else fails however there are main bank branches available in Thongsala, Koh Phangan’s main town.

Two of the ATMs in Chaloklum are located at the junction where the main road to Thongsala meets the ring road that heads back don the coast. One is located at the Seven Eleven and the other is just opposite near the entrance to the Nopporn Pharmacy. All three ATMs represent different Thai banks.

The third is located in front of the supermarket on the main village road.

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